The Ultimate Beach Packing List For Your Kids

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One of the best things about living in Australia is that most of us live about one hour or two from the beach. This is especially useful if you have kids who can fully take advantage of the fun the beach promises. 

Nonetheless, as most parents with kids can attest, travelling with kids to the beach is no easy feat especially if you are not prepared. In this article, we discuss some of the key essentials you require for a day at the beach with your kids and ensure everyone can fully enjoy themselves. 

Beach Shade 

The Australian sun is no joke, and you should always keep it in mind when you are going to the beach. A reliable beach shade like a tent or umbrella is a great way to ensure you can stay at the beach for as long as possible without worrying about the sun. Plus, with a good quality shade, your kids will have a place where they can relax when they are tired of playing around on the beach and even take a nap. 

Ensure you choose a shade that is easily portable and easy to put up. Plus, if decide to use a beach umbrella, do not forget to come with something that will secure your umbrella to the sand. 


A good quality sunscreen is a must-have for any family going to a beach in Australia. The Australian sun is powerful, and you do not want to face it unprepared. You will need a high-SPF, reef-safe, non-toxic sunscreen that will keep your kids’ delicate skin protected. 

It is a good idea to coat your kids with the first layer before you even get to the beach to ensure they do not get sunburnt. Do not forget to reapply often based on the sunscreen manufacturer’s instructions. An added tip would be to ensure you get sunscreen you can apply on wet skin that you can easily use, the moment your kid gets out of the water. 

Beach Shoes 

Beach sand can get pretty hot throughout the day, and beach shoes are a great way to keep your kid's feet protected. You have a lot of options when trying to pick what type of footwear you should take to the beach. Flip flops and crocs are excellent choices as they provide your child's feet with the protection they need and are easy to slip on and off. However, you will want to ensure that these shoes are protected from the sun when your kids are not using them, so they do not get too hot under the sun. 

Water shoes are also another excellent option for your kids, while at the beach. Plus, water shoes will keep your kids protected from rocks and shells, which can be useful when you are visiting a rocky or slippery beach. 


As entertaining as the beach is, you will want something extra to keep your kids busy when the beach bores them. This is where beach toys come in. 

While the type and amount of toys you carry will depend on the age of your kids and how much space you have to pack. You can never go wrong with a shovel and a bucket. Your kids will enjoy building, castles, moats, and virtually anything they want in the sand. You can also include a water ball, boogie boards or a Frisbee if you have older kids. 

Flotation Devices 

If you are going to the beach with small children or even older children who may not be able to comfortably swim just yet. A flotation device is absolutely necessary. Flotation devices are a great way to give your kid more confidence while they are in the water, while also keeping your mind at ease. 

The size and type of floatation device will depend on how old your child is. Plus, even if your children are competent swimmers, you can still choose to carry a flotation device as a tool your kids can use to relax while in the ocean. 

Zippy Kids Hooded Towels 

Our final item on our beach checklist is a Zippy kids hooded towel by Rad Kids. A Hooded Towel for kids is an essential item for a trip to the beach as it will keep your kid warm and dry. Well, Zippy kids hooded towels can do all this and then some. This kids beach towel is definitely the world’s most comfortable hooded towel designed for kids. This towel hoodie is made of the softest fabric and is super absorbent. 

Therefore, your kids will never have to worry about staying wet and being covered in sand when they finally come out of the ocean. Considering how easy it is to use, you just have to put it on your child, zip it up and watch them be toasty and dry. 

All in all, going to the beach can be a fun experience for the whole family, and this list will help make things a little easier. 

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